Stefania Masini

Antiquities, Craftsmanship and Fantasy

Stefania Masini, Antiquities and Craftsmanship from Florence

A travel back in time among old objects, tradition, imagination, originality, that blend together and provide a truly special fascination.

This is what you will find in the old family workshop of Stefania Masini, two steps away from the Old Bridge and Pitti Palace in the historic district of Oltrarno in the heart of Florence where new and old craftsmen carry on centuries-old traditions.

In this little enchanted world you will find carefully selected vintage - clothing, bijoux, bags and accessories - and antiques - such as furniture, clocks, porcelain, curiosities - as well as craftsmanship items including image-clad mannequins and the funny Pinocchios: unique and exclusive objects that will pleasantly surprise you, all hand made by Stefania cunningly resorting to techniques from Florentine artistic craftsmanship.

Stefania Masini, Florence: Florentine, Italian and international furniture, accessories and antiquities; artisan workshop for hand-made and decorated Pinocchio figures and hand-crafted items; exclusive prints.

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